Monday, November 11, 2013


another successful halloween down. ellie had a difficult time deciding between being a witch or a pirate (she's been to a lot of pirate birthday parties lately). abby showed her love for her favorite disney princess (i keep trying to give plugs for belle). the boys were the dynamic duo. i have limited knowledge on comic book heroes, so todd had to inform me that superman & batman actually have worked together in fighting crime. luckily he was with me when i bought the fabric for their capes, too. who knew there would be so many shades of blue and i needed to get it just right.
 ellie loved being able to pick out the fabrics & have her favorite color.
she also loves to show her witch's cackle.

 when my mom asked for ideas for abby's birthday, i suggested she make a cinderella dress. this has nothing to do with the fact that i did not want to sew this for halloween. no, not at all.

 i used my favorite bibs to design the boys' capes. just extended them at the shoulder and lengthened them. i was under the gun getting these done, so thankfully, my mom spent an afternoon at our house and we sewed, sewed, sewed!

these two are wonderful best friends

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